About our Executive Team

It's all about communications.

We were founded by a team of people with years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Their goal was to create a company that customers could rely on for advice and quality products and services. At the centre of our corporate culture is a passionate commitment to superb customer service. It’s part of our DNA. We will ensure our customers are looked after.



Probal Lala - About Communications, CEO

The only time this telecommunications CEO is not at work is when he's mentoring entrepreneurs and providing leadership to youth...





Nancy Lala - About Communications, CFO

Nancy Lala has over 25 years of finance experience which includes taking a company public, bought deals, mergers and acquisitions...





John Campbell - About Communications, COO

An experienced product development executive, John has over 30 years of experience encompassing a broad range of voice, data, and IP services...



About Communications is a Toronto based phone and internet service provider for small to medium sized businesses across Canada