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Monday, 14 February 2011 13:57
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Reduce your communications costs by streamlining your operations, eliminating the fees associated with moves, adds and changes (MAC), and eradicating interoffice long distance charges.

Integrated Communications Solution is an all-in-one voice and data solution that simplifies the way you connect for business. Our fully hosted PBX technology comes complete with a private data connection, business-class IP phones and installation, bundling turnkey phone and Internet service, the latest in user and system features and 24x7 support. Best of all, it’s scalable to meet your changing needs, packing unlimited growth potential at a predictable cost.

Get hassle-free connectivity from a single provider – Reliable phone service, unlimited Internet access and a private IP connection, all from one provider, offer a powerful simplicity you can appreciate—one bill, full accountability and no surprises.

Invest in growing your business – With little equipment purchases and no maintenance contracts required, you can allocate more capital towards expanding your business.

Connect multiple offices as if under one roof – extension dialing makes your office on the west coast feel like it’s down the hall from your office on the east coast. And long distance between your offices on our service is FREE!

Master the art of mobility – Advanced features like mobile twinning, hot desking and voicemail to email allow you to conduct business as usual, wherever you are.

Never miss a call, even in disasters or outages – A secure, power-protected environment and built-in redundancy prevent any interruption to your service, so your customers can still reach you at all your designated locations.

For a 15 minute consultation on how your business might benefit, Please call us at 888-922-6883

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