About Start Up Solutions
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Wednesday, 23 February 2011 09:31

About Start Up Solutions

Start Up Solutions is a free resource from About Communications.

We created this section to provide a one-stop shop community resource for entrepreneurs that links to various online content related to starting and running a new business.
We hope that inside this section, you will find practical information you need to start and grow your own successful business.

Pitching Your Business Idea
Regular advice from private investors and executive advisors on how to present your business idea for financing.

Entrepreuneurial Resources from other sites (Coming Soon)
Updated links with various business resources from writing a business plan, doing market research, working with federal agencies to get your business running nd growing.

Sales & Marketing 101 for Start Up (Coming Soon)
We have been growing at a pace of 100% year over year for the last several years and want to give back. Our own experts will be sharing our insights on how to successful sell and market to small to medium sized businesses in Canada.

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