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Our reliable network, exceptional customer service, and affordable prices have earned us an exceptional reputation. But don't just listen to us - see what our customers have to say


“Our company is unique in that we already had VoIP service and were using the Internet for voice communication. However, we made the switch to About Communications due to its high level of service and service response."



“I selected About Communications as my new telecom provider because it was clear they were committed to maintaining a high quality of phone lines and customer service. Not all companies make an infrastructure investment and invest in customer support. About Communications does all this and is really cost effective – which is hugely important in this economy.”



“What delights me with About Communications is their response time, their customer service and a very competive price."

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"About Communications completely tailored its offering to our company and we’ve realized considerable savings on our telecom bills. It’s unprecedented – they took the time to understand our business."

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"They treat us almost as if they were our system department. They resolve every issue that pops up or they advise us issues that we haven’t noticed yet. The individuals have been incredible at assisting us through our growth period. We look forward to growing with them in the future."