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Monday, 02 May 2011 01:19
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The Challenge:

Multi-site businesses including remote employees, also known as teleworkers is a very large and growing market. One of their biggest challenges is effective communications at all locations that include the teleworkers and the mobile professionals while containing costs. Our study researched the profile of the typical multi-site business in the banking, retail and restaurant industries. We’ve identified several parallels that all relate to the need for a more unified means of inexpensive communications.

There are two major elements to costs that these businesses incur. Initially there is the CAPEX to purchase multiple systems for the locations including setup costs and maintenance. Then there are the usage or transport costs for making calls across the branches much of which is long distance. Additionally, the costs for moves, adds and changes (MACs) in multiple locations can really add up.

The Solution:

The Integrated Communications System service delivers results by offering multi-location businesses the ability to virtually eliminate the large CAPEX and dramatically improve internal communication efficiencies across locations. With extension dialing across branches and free on-net calling, not only do the branch to branch call costs get completely eliminated but the cost for teleworkers does as well. Although the features that the system offers such as extension dialing can aid in overall productivity and image enhancement, “Hot Desking” has the greatest impact on overall productivity and cost containment for multi-site businesses.

With Hot Desking, users from other branch locations, teleworkers and shift workers can have their extension follow them from location to location simply by logging into any phone with their extension and PIN. All of their features including speed dialing and voicemail follow them to that phone. The savings are many fold including productivity increases, lower recurring costs and fewer extension requirements for shift workers to name a few.

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